The new 240HZ Series LCD HDTVs full 1080p lineup, which feature a number of technological advances in both audio and video to make the most of your home theater experience. Fans of sports, video games, and fast-paced action movies will be wowed by the True 240 advanced frame rate technology, which greatly improves on previous 120Hz LCD panels for fluid, natural motion. SRS TrueSound XT and Dolby Digital will make better sound.
Real Cool Auto Motion 240Hz
The LCD HDTVs deliver smooth motion and crisp picture quality that make every detail crystal clear. Your action-packed sports and movies have never looked this real. Auto Motion assures nothing goes by in a blur. Animation smoother. Sports sharpe.
We can support various external equipment with HDMI connectors. You can connect DVD Player or Satellite receiver through HDMI cable.
Resolution: 1,920 x 1,080
With Full HD, there's no need to scale down a 1080 signal. With twice the pixel resolution of 720p HD models, Full HD creates the pinnacle in picture quality.
Dynamic Contrast: 30,000:1
Contrast and brightness levels achieve new heights in this HDTV. When you watch movies and shows, get a more realistic, sharper picture quality.
Response Time : 4.5ms
SuperAction LCD panel has an 4.5ms response speed necessary for cleaner high-action home theater images. A wide viewing angle ensures that you'll have the best seat in the house.
RoHS compliant
RCA LCD TVs comply with the RoHS requirements.
LCD TV55" Model55LA55RS
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